Diet Typing Systems Test

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Know what foods to EAT for you to live optimally.....and also what foods that help or to restrict for 49 health conditions. All in one online test!

Take the DTS test now for $39.99!

Learn the right foods for you and during our process you will also learn how to balance your macronutrient (protein, fats and carbs) intake which will help you feel better, lose body fat, increase energy and live a happier, more productive life.


Instructions to take test

•Use the “Pay via Paypal” link on the bottom left of the page to pay for the test: Note: you can use a debit or credit card without having a paypal account

•After payment you will be redirected back to the Merchant site(DTS dashboard)

•Enter passcode you received directly on the dashboard (or in a separate email) in the space that says “Have a Passcode”

•Press the “Start Test” Button to access the test.

•Begin to live a more healthy, optimal life!

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