Affiliate Program


Grow your existing business!                                    Learn a new career field!                                            

  Improve your brand!




New to the Nutrition Field: Sign on as an affiliate and learn a Diet and Lifestyle therapy process from Nancy Dale, a Certified Nutritionist and Chef with over 40 years experience and 10,000 clients that will not only improve your life but the lives of all of your clients!

Our affiliate program provides you with the ability to provide the test and process to your clients/patients/members under your brand.

DTS provides affiliates with:


  • Using our products under your brand and name

  • Personalized dietary protocols for individuals seeking optimal health.

  • Customizes food lists to help heal over 49 health conditions as well as allergies and intolerances.

  • Detailed instructions on understanding your food list, creating and measuring meals, and a food mind body log to dial in the right macronutrients, and food item recipes and information..

  • Low annual fee and test cost.


As a service based company the DTS products enable the practitioner to improve their own brand with a personalized dashboard and all products will be labeled with the affiliate’s name. We also have the option for you to use the DTS brand for your business as well.


  • Additional training and mentoring to learn the process is available via webinars or in person for an additional cost. 

Please contact us at charlie@diettypingsystems.com with questions or for additional information.


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