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We are excited to offer education on a proven Diet and Lifestyle therapy system and process from Nancy Dale, a Certified Nutritionist and Chef with over 40 years experience and 10,000 clients that will not only improve your life, but the lives of all of your clients!


New to the nutrition field, or looking to improve and expand your knowledge and understanding of nutrition while learning a proven Diet therapy program to help guide your patients/clients to optimal health, look no further in Diet Typing Systems has developed an education program that will not only explain DTS in detail, it will also give you the tools to either start your practice or greatly improve an existing one.


Background:  Diet Typing Systems provides a web-based questionnaire that helps people identify the optimal foods to thrive. The test does the work of an expert Diet Therapist and much more to include along with working with trained personnel will provide you a program to follow to achieve your goals and optimal health. The results identify your diet type, the proper amounts of Macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) for your needs, and most importantly, which foods best help your body function most efficiently for optimal health as well as restricting the foods to heal the imbalance.


Do you know your type? At DTS we have broken down our test results in three general types, Sugar Burner, Mixed Burner and Fat Burner and each person can be a varying degree within those types. Understanding the answer to this question will be a start to identifying the foods and lifestyle that are optimal for you or your patients/clients. 


If this is new to you or you are looking to add some clarity to your practice, please join us for this valuable training that will change lives.


Education Program:


Purpose: Completing DTS training will help you understand how to interpret the test results and use the DTS system which will set you up for success by identifying the right foods and understanding the process to live optimally.


During this training you will learn directly from Nancy Dale, our founding partner and one of the most experienced nutritionist in the industry. Nancy will start you on the background and science behind the system, and then walk you step by step through the process for you to use in your practice. You will leave the training with a process to grow you practice, many people search there entire career to find a process like this one. Many of the programs offered right now are two three times the cost of our program too. You will also have access to Nancy while you start using this process with your patients and clients in her mentoring program. 


Training:  The course will be conducted either in person over two days or online in a web based format. Cost of program $995.



Note: Classes are broken down in 90 min blocks for web based instruction.


Overview of the Diet Typing Systems Certification Modules ($995.) You will also have the option to purchase each module individually, but will only receive a certification once you have successfully completed each module.


Module  1 ($200)

            A. Diet Typing Systems background

            B. Science behind DTS

            C. Beginning understanding of the three types: Sugar, Mixed and Fat Burners

Module  2 ($200)

            A. How to use and understand the test results

            B. Understanding the Health conditions, Intolerances, Adjustments and Endocrine Types

            C. How these changes the Food list and why.

Module  3 ($200)

            A. Understanding the documents: Creating Whole Foods, Important Guidelines, Measuring Food         

                 and Your Body Mind Food Log

             B. Questions and answers

Module 4 ($200)

            A. Understand how the DTS system works to include the affililiate’s dashboard, Subscription etc.    

            B. How to develop and create a business using DTS: Eight-week program, initial client interview: From the first interview, each session

Module 5 ($200)

A. How to advertise, create flyers, do lectures and social media, etc.

B. How to find your niche audience

Module 6 ($200)

            A. Review of all material presented

            B. Final exam for certification


Certification completion requirements: Each student needs to successfully complete/pass one client session with Nancy (or designated rep) and final exam to become a CDTS (Certified Diet Typing Specialist).


Please contact for questions or additional information.

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