I received from Dr. Fergus Connolly the Director of Performance of the Univ of Michigan football team. I met Fergus years ago when I was studying Charles Poliquin's work, and he has been a great mentor and friend who also is the person who turned me on to the late, great Charlie Francis whose work is the foundation I use for exercise and physical performance.

I am excited and happy that Fergus book "Game Changer" will be released soon.


From Fergus.....

"The basis for all human achievement, excellence and a sustained winning program is a healthy lifestyle. There’s no one I’d recommend more to both the professional athlete, weekend warrior or devoted home maker than Charlie Jenks to help you achieve this. Charlie’s professional experiences, a lifetime of learning combined with a unparalleled passion for health and wellness means you’re in great hands - whether for health, leadership, problem solving or simply untapping your unlimited energy.”

Testimonial from a client:

Charlie’s program is amazing but so common sense! My husband and I, both over 50, were trying to come to terms with what people told us was ‘getting older.’ But, we weren’t convinced we had to settle for feeling “dumpy” and less than healthy when we still have to work, want to feel good and be as busy and active as always. We were working and working out a lot just to maintain our chubby shapes. We tried the diet-typing system with Charlie’s counseling and have been thrilled from the first two weeks! Following the diet became second nature to us as we learned the best foods for our systems, feeling and looking better within the first 10 days (I dropped a size and changed to a more natural shape!). We primarily wanted to feel good and be healthy, so the gradual weight loss has been an added benefit. We love how efficient our bodies have become again. Having taken our second test, we both feel like we’ve finally moved to our natural type and are ready to keep this up for the duration. I did the supplements because I had digestion issues when my husband didn’t. They really helped jump start my body’s normal processes, and get back to its natural balance -- all without having to disrupt my schedule. My husband focused on the diet alone because of his hectic schedule. We’re both sleeping super well, have great energy, and seem to be able to manage stress and maintain our fitness with simple, shorter workouts. With the weekly sessions, we talked through the various options and management tools having identified with Charlie the effects we were experiencing. I can’t help sharing this with anyone who asks, or feels as option-less as we did because it’s been such a priceless game-changer on our quality of life! It’s amazing that something so natural has helped us come back to a true balance that no one but Charlie said was possible, for the rest of our lives. THANKS CHARLIE!”

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