My Energy Healing Story and Experience:


I first experienced energy healing while living in Hawaii in 2008, I was in the Army and would describe myself as somewhat conservative in nature at the time. That written, after my first combat tour in 2005 I knew I needed something else in life, and through some research found qigong classes with Master Wang on Oahu at his house overlooking the ocean, a great experience in itself. At the classes I learned that Master Wang was also a healer. At the time I had no clue about energy healing, but was open to all possibilities and intuitively knew that there had to been another way other the the western medicine model. Since i was in the Army running, body weight exercises and lifting weights were my primary physical activities. While running one day I tweaked my right knee, a similar injury to what i experienced many times in the past and one that normally took about 3 weeks to heal. I asked Master Wang to give me a healing session, and the only way I can explain it is magical in that within 45 minutes I had no pain and it was as if I did not injure my knee. I immediately blurted out something like "this is magic!" and Master Wang who was about 65 years old at the time, politely corrected me in that this was not magic, but knowledge he had learned from his grandfather in China over 55 years ago, and had since worked at improving his skill as a healer. I injured my neck another time, and had the same outcome with one session from Master Wang, I was healed. I was then hooked and have since worked hard to find out about this energy and healing. I can say now some 11 years later, I find energy healing so complimentary with life and my martial arts practice. I understand this may be foreign to many people, as it was to me once, I just ask that you approach it with an open mind. 

As Master Wang and his wife Kathy had told me many times, this healing ability is within all of us and I have searched over the years for something that made sense to me. I attended training for a few other energy healing techniques over the years, but it was not until I found out about Purebioenergy healing did it make sense for me. I have learned a simple, yet effective technique that I feel  can share and help people heal themselves with universal life force energy commonly referred to as prana or qi by some.

The energy healing sessions take about 20 min, and should be given 4 days straight.


I have also expanded my practice to include healing horses which has been a great passion of mine for years. Horses in my opinion are magical animals and while I am working on them, I feel they help heal me and other humans around them too as they are natural healers. I am currently looking for opportunities to include horses in healing sessions with humans.

Here is a documentary that in part talks about the origin of the healing i currently practice in Slovenia.

Please reach out to me for additional information or to discuss further. 

Below are a few pics with me and horses, and also Monty Roberts while taking a course taught by him (He made me wear the helmet).

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