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September 29, 2016

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I have been struggling a bit over the past year or so on making a decision on my next career. I retired from the Army in Sept 16 and with my last duty...

Why health?

September 29, 2016

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Finding out the right diet for you!

July 2, 2017

Wouldn’t you like to know the foods that are right for you to live a healthy and productive life?


There is so much information out there that I am not surprised if you are confused or may have already given up on trying to find the right foods for you. I was in your shoes not too long ago. I have been searching for the right foods for me most of my life and studying nutrition formally since 1992. Even after I graduated with an MS in Human Nutrition, I unfortunately could not even inform myself on what to eat to live optimally.


I was so frustrated, I was following the latest fads and/or charismatic front person for different diets. If you have seen my website you would have read that I even trained and competed in an Ironman triathlon in 2004 on 180 degree wrong foods for me and suffered in many ways. It was not long after that race where I found out about this process of identifying the right foods for me. This process is based on some of the work of nutrition giants like Weston Price and Roger Williams who discovered that we each have different nutrient requirements.


If you are reading this because you have low energy, are overweight, want to maximize your performance, or want to positively impact any health challenge you have, the reality of food is that what works for one person, most likely will have little effect for another person. And this can even be within families…..


Why is this you ask? The ONLY “right foods” are the ones specifically for your TYPE, that’s the diet that only meets YOUR body’s genetically-based requirements! I know these can be daunting and probably completely goes against what you have been raised to understand. In addition to determining the right foods for you, we must also work to determine the right ratios of Carbohydrates, proteins and fats for you too. This initial 2-3 week period can be challenging for some, but is where I can assist you tremendously with support and recommendations to fine tune your diet to get through this period. Once through, your life will improve so much for the better and following this plan becomes a lot easier and your way of life.


Steps for how to find out the right foods for you:


• Purchase the Assessment for $150.00.


• Your test will be analyzed to determine YOUR Type and the right diet for YOU and the results will be emailed to you.


What You’ll Get via email:

After your assessment is analyzed, here’s what you’ll receive:

• Typing® Steps (step-by-step guide for following your program)

• Part 1 – Assessment Results

• Part 2 – Diet Recommendations

• Part 3 – Supplement Recommendations

• Part 4 – Lifestyle Recommendations

◦ Stressors & Blocking Factors

◦ Program Enhancers

• Part 5 – Understanding Your Type

◦ Fine tuning your Macronutrient ratios


We will also meet for one 60-minute session for me to explain the process to you.


You will also receive the following additional information:

• Using Your Diet Plan

• Food Shopping Guidelines

• Proper Food Selection

• Proper Food Preparation

• Cooking Guidelines

• Cooking Grains

• Cooking With Fats and Oils

• FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

• Expected Reactions

• Checklist – Blocking Factors

• Checklist – Program Enhancers


To get started, send $150.00 to charlie@charliejenksnutrition.com via PayPal.


Once payment is submitted, you will receive an email with the test link as well as the next step instructions.


After our initial 60 minute session, you can also schedule additional 30-minute sessions with me as required for $50.00 per session.


Please reach out to me at Charlie@charliejenksnutrition.com if you have any questions or would also like to schedule a free 30 min session to discuss this process in more detail.


I am very excited for you in taking these steps towards optimum health!


Charlie Jenks

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