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September 29, 2016

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I have been struggling a bit over the past year or so on making a decision on my next career. I retired from the Army in Sept 16 and with my last duty...

Why health?

September 29, 2016

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I cannot workout long enough anymore to keep my bodyfat levels down......

July 31, 2017

I cannot workout long enough anymore to keep my bodyfat levels down......


Is this your problem too??

This is a comment I commonly receive from clients and friends as well as observe daily too seeing people working out as least as much or harder than me and yet in some cases they are increasing their bodyfat levels. This is especially common with the over 40-year-old crowd, but also with many, many other people who are living life at 100 miles per hour


I was one of those people who in the past, when I started to gain bodyfat I just increased my exercise load to get back within my normal range. This strategy worked ok for me until about 42 years old and then I was no longer as successful. I still see people daily working out for up to 2-4 hours per day just to maintain their appearance or compensate for the many bad life choices they make for themselves (mostly foods and alcohol they consumed).


Note: I will write another post on what I learned from one mentor Charlie Francis on how this strategy of excessive training will place too great a load on your central nervous system and have a negative effect on life and productivity. Recovery and regeneration should be of equal importance to nutrition and exercise, and in many cases we fall in to the more is better philosophy.

How can this be that I cannot lose bodyfat when I exercise two, three and four hours per day you ask? Well, so that I am not getting blasted from my peers for trying to oversimplify the issue, that could potentially be a hard to answer in some cases as we are all so individual, and there could possibly be many different blocking factors in life that are keeping us from living optimally. The good news is our program can do the detective work to identify those blocking factors.


To keep this post short, my general response is that at a minimum you eat the right foods for you (and in the right proportions of carbs/fat/protein), live a lifestyle right for you, and in the end exercise does not have to consume your life and you will achieve optimum physical appearance and more importantly to me vitality and health. In roughly 80% of the cases of over thousands of people who follow the program I use living the lifestyle right for them, they will achieve considerable improvements in bodyfat and energy levels.


Now that written, I am not in any way discounting exercise and physical activity. They should still be an important part of your life or lifestyle, but not just the only means to keep your bodyfat or appearance in balance.


Live a lifestyle right for you and you can achieve or in most cases exceed your goals.


Now where do I start you may ask? The good news is I have a program that will help you lose bodyfat, and get you back on track to a healthy and productive life. It starts by taking a simple online test, which will generate information based on your type to include food lists and lifestyle recommendations to achieve optimal health. We will work together over the next few months to where I will provide you with the information and help guide you to living an optimal life for you.


Below is a photo of me during my road racing life ~1998. I should note I did not post this picture for the “hey look at me” affect, but more of trying to prove my point of this post. On the surface I looked pretty fit and that was mainly due to excessive training. I compensated for the wrong diet and lifestyle choices by exercising to excess.  I trained at least two times per day as I was also racing in triathlons, In reality, I was often injured, tired, sick, and always thinking about food.  I was living out of balance, my days usually started with sacrificing the sleep I need to recover to exercise.  I understand and recognize my errors then, work hard not to repeat them anymore, and help others lead a healthy, productive life too.


Best wishes!






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