We are excited to have Emil Rechester of Tai Chi Hollywood return to Santa Cruz, CA to conduct an Internal Martial Arts Master Push Hands Intensive Training on Sat 10 Nov 18. We received great feedback from participants of his previous workshops and plan to have him visit Santa cruz on a regular basis to include a 3-4 day camp in the spring of 2019. He is a great practitioner, teacher and is very open to sharing his knowledge and touching people to give them a feel of internal energy and his listening skills. 

All Styles and Levels of Experience Welcome. This training is a great opportunity for those with minimal or no experience in the internal martial arts to explore this powerful art to start your path to improve health and gain martial ability. 


What: Internal Martial Arts Masters Push Hands Intensive training 


During this workshop you will learn: 

-How to Produce and Apply internal power(Qi)

-An easy and effective push hands method

-Drills for Developing Listening Skills

-Internal Martial Arts Applications


When: 10 November 2018

Location: Center for Spiritual Living, 1818 Felt Street, Santa Cruz, CA www.CSLsantacruz.org

Cost: $100 To reserve a spot or questions: 


Contact Charlie Jenks at charlie@charliejenksnutrition.com or 

650-314-3039. Payment is required in advance and can be made via paypal to 

charliejenksnutrition, venmo at 650-314-3039 or contact 

Charlie for other methods of payment. 

-Please contact me NLT 31 Oct 2018 to confirm your attendance at either charlie@charliejenksnutrition.com or 650-314-3039.

Why: To improve health and martial ability, the internal martial arts are a great compliment to other exercises to include yoga. 


Here are a few links to see more of Emil. 

https://www.facebook.com/TaiChiHollywood/ I recommend if you are on FB to follow him.


Here is the video if Emil at about 180lbs going against the Sumo world champ(~370lbs): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgb4gZ3Ubt6-_TJ_TareSrw


His bio: http://taichihollywood.com/about-emil-rechester/

Emil Rechester‘s journey in the Martial Arts world started with Judo when he was 12 years old, and in 2 short years he became a certified black belt rank holder and Regional Champion, holding that title for 3 consecutive years as well as earning many trophies and medals from different competitions. While doing Judo, Emil also learned Sambo (Russian style wrestling similar to Judo or Jiu-Jitsu) and traditional Jiu-Jitsu. The more he learned Martial Arts, the greater his thirst for knowledge grew. In 1982 Emil learned Shotokan Karate, becoming proficient in Shotokan Karate Kata’s and free sparing.
For Emil, Tai Chi Chuan was love at first sight. He saw a gentlemen practicing one of the forms of Tai Chi in the place where he came to do pre-competition sparring. Without any hesitation Emil asked to learn this mysterious yet gracious art. That moment in 1987 marked the start of his journey in the “internal martial arts”, in his home country Moldova (part of the former Soviet Union). Studying under his first teacher Alexander Dmitrienko, Emil learned the art of Standing Meditation, the Tai Chi Chuan 24 form, Taikiken and various Qi-Gong sets.

After coming to America in 1994, he continued to master his craft with teachers of the caliber of Tim O’Connor (disciple of Mary Chou), learning Tung family Yang Style Long Form (108 moves), the ‘fast set’ created by Tung Yi-Jie and Yang Chen Fu, saber form, and different sets of Tui-Shou (push hands). Emil is always on the search for improvement, and in 2005 he met sifu Sam Tam. With master Tam he learned the Yang Style 37 short form created by Chen Man Ching and its applications in push hands. Constantly looking for an improvement Emil has studied advanced forms of Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan under the supervision of great masters like of Sifu Mark Rasmus and James Lau King. In the recent years Emil emerged himself into the mystical world of Wu Tai Chi Chuan (Shanghai) style learning various forms of Qi Gong, Push Hands, weapons and applications from Master Yan Yuanhwa.

Emil is certified by ATCQA (American Tai Chi and Qi Gong Association), and can often be found in different parks of Los Angeles or Las Vegas area, doing free style push-hands with his friend and students.

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